Carbon Pepper was founded in 2015. We are based in Shavington, Cheshire, near Nantwich and Crewe.

Coming from a background of agency web development and technical consultancy we are able to work using a flexible approach. Allowing us to match the client needs in terms of the right solution within the timescale and budget required.

In order to keep overheads low we keep the core team small whilst retaining the ability to scale up and bring in any necessary skills from our pool of trusted professionals. This allows us to deliver to our clients exacting standards and requirements. We ensure a project only ever has the resources it needs. Meaning we won’t pad a project cost out with unnecessary staffing.

No job is too big or small for us, whether you are:

  • An individual wishing to showcase their crafts or new venture
  • A small business after a simple website to advertise your services or an online shop to sell your products
  • A large enterprise in need of internal web systems such as an intranet or CRM.
  • A museum needing to showcase exhibits and sell tickets.
  • A start-up creating a new social platform.
  • A hardware manufacturer wanting to provide web controls, interfaces and data modelling for your hardware.
  • In need of integration between a third party system and your website/webservice.

We have a huge amount of experience delivering these sorts of projects and much more.

We can work in a specific capacity as part of an existing team or tackle projects in their entirety. As an organisation we work using a variety of processes and methodologies. We operate in a flexible way to fit into any client’s way of doing things.

While it is important that our clients are as involved as they want to be in any project we take on. We know that not everyone lives and breathes tech as we do. Our clients should be able to relax knowing that they are getting what they want, when they need it. Not to mention that it will be awesome.


Carbon pepper offer a variety of services to suit your business. No job is too big or too small. With our network of freelancers and contractors we are able to scale up and bring in the necessisary skills to meet any job requirement.

Contract Full Stack Development

Sometimes businesses require extra skilled resource on a new or existing development project, we can provide that resource on a short or long-term basis, ensuring you have the skills you need for your project.

We have 8+ years experience providing contract developers on a multitude of projects.

Project Work

We can undertake an entire project for you, from the initial requirements gathering, right through to design and build. We believe it's important that you should be as involved as you want to be, so can tailor the entire project to suit your working requirements.


Whether you just need guidance on how to go about procuring a solution that meets your requirements or you need to know which off the shelf solutions could work for you.

If you need to weigh up the benefits of having something completely bespoke built or if you need an existing solution evaluated, we can provide the help you need.

Planning and Specification

Requirements gathering, project specification, writing of specification documents (functional and technical), putting together timelines and setting out project milestones.

UX and Design

We can work with you to create the perfect experience for your users.

From initial concept creation, focus group testing, A+B testing, user journey storyboarding, wireframing through to finalised design and interface creation, we can work with you to provide a meaningful and interactive experience for your users.


Front end development carried out in the technologies that best work for your project requirements.

Back end development to create completely bespoke solutions or to use existing solutions such as a framework or CMS to bring your business the functionality that it requires for a project.

Database planning, mapping and building to ensure your data is secure and accessible efficiently and quickly when needed.

Our Technology

We work across a wide breadth of technology, technology we work with includes (but is not limited to) the following:

Much of the work we do these days can involve separate Front End and Back End systems. We find Angular is perfect for creating bespoke front ends that are beautiful, interactive and quick to load. We can then use this to query the back end system/api to serve the content required. We have used Angular to build everything from Mobile Apps, brochure sites through to highly bespoke data analysis platforms.

.NET is Microsoft's developer platform, we have years of experience using both VB and C# programming languages with it. Being honest of the two we prefer C# and can do really amazing things with it.

When we go .Net we tend to go completely bespoke and build fully custom solutions, however we do have experience using CMSs and other platforms built on .NET.

We have experience ranging from .NET 3 through .NET Core to .Net 7

PHP is an amazing programming language and if we are honest, is one of our favourites. If you are dealing with Symfony, Drupal, Wordpress or Zend, then you are dealing with PHP. We can do amazing things with PHP either completely bespoke or using a framework or CMS.

We love Symfony. It's a great framework which allows the building of really great bespoke solutions. We've used it to build everything from estate agents websites through to social media platforms.

Drupal is a fantastic and hugely flexible content management system (CMS). It's great for marketing teams to keep on top of their content while providing hugely powerful and flexible options for building solutions. We've used it for everything from huge enterprise sites to tourist attraction marketing sites.

Wordpress is huge, it powers a phenomenal chunck of the internet and there is a good reason for that, it's flexible and more importantly it's probably the easiest system for content creators to use. We've used it to build everything from museum websites to intranet and CRM systems.

MySql is a very powerful open source relational database management system. This is where we store the data for projects, it is fast, efficient, flexible and secure. There is no point building a beautiful looking system if the data takes forever to load. We usually pair MySql with any project that is built using PHP.

Sql Server is microsoft's very powerful relational database management system. If we are working with .Net we usually pair it with a SQL Server database. We are experts in data optimisation ensuring your data can be served to where it needs to be used as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Zend is a powerful and highly flexible framework which allows the creation of highly bespoke and efficient solutions. We've used Zend to build custom intranets, data analysis platforms and corporate websites.

terminalfour is a CMS aimed at the higher education sector allowing the creation of creative, accessible and responsive websites. The editing functions are extremely intuitive and easy to use to manage content. We have done work with universities to deliver bespoke content and experiences to their students.

Ionic is a cross platform mobile app development platform. It enables the building of cross platform mobile, web and desktop apps which use a shared codebase, cutting down on development time and allowing for a standardised experience throughout. We have used this primarily in the development of mobile apps that are published out to both the Android and Apple ecosystems.

Apache Cordova is a mobile application development framework which allows the compiling of a single codebase into versions to be used on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. We have used Cordova to build simple informational phone apps as well as data collection apps and mobile surveying tools.

Typo3 is an open source CMS built in PHP, it is aimed at Enterprise level projects, it is highly scalable and flexible. We have used Typo3 for a variety of Enterprise level projects.

CMS Made Simple is an open source CMS built in PHP and using the Smarty templating system. It can be used to create highly bespoke and flexible sites that require a CMS backend. We have used it to build various marketing and corporate sites.

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